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Postcards from the lockdownAugust 2020–January 2021

Postcards from the lockdown

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Some days after the state of alarm was declared due to the Covid-19 crisis, we invited some artists to participate in a project titled Postcards from the lockdown. The idea of using Mail Art came up not only for the impossibility of organizing a traditional face-to-face exhibition, but also because shipping art works from the artists’ studios to the gallery was unviable.

Mail Art achieved great notoriety in the sixties and seventies within the Fluxus led by George Maciunas and nowadays is still used by many artists who find in the small size of a letter or a postcard the right surface to work on. This need for communication is one of the key aspects of Mail Art, most notably in these moments of pandemic.

Postcards from the lockdown combines Mail Art distinctive features with the advantages of digital technology. The exhibition will have two stages. In the first one, works are exhibited online, on the website of the gallery. The second one will take place when we can celebrate again a traditional opening and the postcards will be shown on-site at the gallery venue. Meanwhile, we invite you to enjoy theses pieces in our virtual exhibition.

Furthermore we have asked every artist involved in this project to film a short video explaining this artistic experience during the lockdown. The videos are also available on our website.

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